About us

“When there are only 50 left, every koala counts” – Chris Allen, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

The Koala Action Network (KAN) grew out of a NSW Koala Strategy-initiated community meeting held in Bega in February 2019.

From this meeting a group of key stakeholders formed the Koala Strategy Steering Group which aimed to facilitate inclusive & collaborative leadership in the effective management of NSW South Coast koalas.

During a series of meetings the Group reached out to many people and through a co-design process developed foundational principles, potential strategies and key actions for the proposed community-based koala action organisation.

In November 2019 the Group hosted the Community Koala Action Workshop at the Tanja Hall to explore key focus areas and decide on priority actions. A key objective of the workshop was to form working groups to implement agreed actions. 42 people attended the meeting. 

In November 2020 the Group told the story so far: How KAN got to where it is now (PDF).

 The Koala Action Network is auspiced by the Far South Coast Landcare Association